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Cracking Contraptions


Wallace and Gromit love to be creative and make contraptions that make their lives easier (sometimes). We designed and made our own devices that serve a purpose and make our lives easier in some way.

Watch our videos below and say which invention you would like to have.


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Raft building at Sale Water Park!


This week, a few year 6 girls were given the amazing opportunity to go to Sale Water Park and experience raft building. The day began with a quick bus journey and when we arrived we couldn’t believe the size of the lake. We had a fast lunch in our very own cabin then begin the hands – on work led by Craig, our guide. After being shown how to tie a variety of knots, we began the task of creating a raft that would take us safety around the lake; the stakes were high but we rose to the challenge eventually building a raft made up of 4 barrels, 2 pieces of wood and lot of rope and hard work. The expert, Craig,then took us to get geared up, including full wetsuits, wet shoes, helmets and life jackets which was terrifying as it made the possibility of entering the icy water very real. We got into position on the raft (bottoms to the middle for balance) and then we had to race as fast as we could using paddles to the centre of the lake. Miss Cotton and Miss Holt couldn’t believe the screams of laughter every time the raft rocked slightly.. it was almost as if we wanted to fall in! Have a look at the pictures from our amazing day below:

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Fletcher Moss comes to school!!


In year 6 today we were incredibly lucky as a ‘real life’ author came in to see us courtesy of the Portico library! The brilliant Fletcher Moss (aka Martin), who has written ‘The Poison Boy’ and ‘Lifers’, began the visit by talking to book club and discussing their shared passion for both reading and writing. Enid Blyton seemed to be a group favourite but lots of other titles came up which was lovely to see- variety is the spice of life! We then decided to show off our fantastic literacy skills by reading and sharing our favourite bits of writing from across the year; Martin was very impressed with our budding authors!

After book club, each class got to spend an hour with Martin. Everyone was so enthusiastic and really came away wanting to write…even the teachers! We discussed ‘the rules of storytelling’ and then played person, place, problem enabling us all to create exciting ideas to write about. The buzz in both classrooms was electric, if only every day could be as inspiring!
Have a look at our animoto to get a flavour of the afternoon.

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Keeping Yourselves Busy


Hello Year 6,

We are so sorry that we are not in school together today.

If you are able to do some work today, we realize that it will depend on who is minding you, then we have made some suggestions below that would support your work in class.

Both classes can use HIT THE BUTTON/IXL on the ipads to practice multiplication and division facts : x6,7,8,9,11 and 12.

 You may have used these revision grids before but if you haven’t or you’d like a revisit then have a look at the PDF link below:


6C and 6WY SPELLING: Practicing those tricky words from the 5/6 spelling list will really support your writing in the next few weeks.

Yesterday we discussed writing an explanation about a spy buggy you were going to design for Mrs W-Y
If you have time you could start to plan your explanation – on paper or on book creator- under the following headings
-What is it? 1/2 sentences only
-What is it made of? Explain in a list the 5 special features of your kart/ buggy
-How It Works. This is the main part of your text
It will begin with an overview of the cart then have 4-5 mini paragraphs explaining each of your features.
It will use the causal connectives we have been working on. Remember to use () : ; as well                             -Where how will it be used (2-3 sentences)

We are about to begin work on a narrative story.
It would really help if you began to look at/ collect images of the sea, storms and lighthouses – you could do this on paper or on book creator. If you wish, you could begin to think about some fabulous descriptive words and phrases, including similes and metaphors to describe the images and using a range of punctuation. This will really help when we write our lighthouse narrative. If you want a sneak peek, you can watch the video we are basing our writing on here:


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Teddy bears’ picnic!


Firstly, we would like to say a huge well done and thank you to all of the year 6 children (and parents/carers) who really demonstrated what superstars they were during SATs week. The children showed resilience, persevere and determination and they should all be very proud of themselves. Because of their phenomenal hard work, we held a teddy bears’ picnic in the gorgeous sunshine on Thursday. It was a lovely day and we enjoyed ice lollies with our furry friends! Have a look at some of our pictures below.

Teddy bears’ picnic


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Time To Shine



We just wanted to share with everyone how proud we are of Yr6 this week who have given 100% to our revision sessions. We are so proud of the children’s hard work, determination and perseverance.

As we get closer to SATs, we want remind the children that they have prepared well and are now ready to use the tests to show the world just how clever they are – it is their time to shine!

We are sending home some ‘Good Luck’ cards for families to sign so that the children will have a constant reminder that we are one big team, all wishing them well. We hope you like the idea- it seemed to comfort both children and parents last year!

We have sent home a letter this week containing the SATs timetable and key information on it about supporting your child this week. Please click the link for a copy of this letter.

Dear Parents sats letter

We would like to thank families again for the amazing levels of support given to the children – it really will make the extra difference and help the children SHINE during this important week.

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Eggcellent eggs


It was so impressive last week to see the egg standing effort pupils had make with their eggs and that is no yolk! The time and creativity that had been invested was brilliant so thank you again for your continued home support. Well done to the winners from each class too although I am sure you’ll agree looking at these pictures, the judges had a near impossible job!


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British Science Week


BSW-Logo-en-327x327Year 6 celebrated British Science week in style with extra Science lessons focused on the theme on space.

Those who joined in at home should be able to soon see themselves on the Science part of our school’s blog:

In class we looked at using a wide range of Science skills : observing, predicting, devising experiments, fair testing, measuring, recording results, repeating readings, spotting possible errors and creating conclusions/ further questions from our experiments.

We did this in the fun context of asteroids landing on planets : our planets were made of strange materials like sugar, flour and much to our teacher’s regret custard powder! We looked at the impact of  different sized asteroids and  our asteroids landing from different heights amongst other ideas. It was great fun! After that we went out with our stretchy alien seeing if how far ‘he’ was pulled back impacted on how far he travelled – although this turned out to be less scientific, it was great fun!

Please look at our pictures to see just how much fun we had.

image    image







Some children were also lucky enough to be selected for a special visit to Manchester University to take part in some very special science activities. We can have a sneaky peek at what they got up to in the video below.




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Our stunning creations


Last week, we had lots of fun creating our Darwin themed art (see earlier blog post). Some of us took inspiration from Franz Marc while others used a silhouette technique. All of our work was impressive and showed the range of mediums we can work with: pastel, water colour, paint, chalk, charcoal and collage. There pictures will be available to you when we have our art gallery evening ( a letter will be sent home shortly). Have a look at the animotos below for a flavour of our incredible work.

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We have had a lovely week this week learning about William Shakespeare! The fun kicked off with an assembly on Monday morning. Miss Kingsley and Miss Higgins explained who he was and why he is still remembered today; some of us had no idea at the start of the week but we like to think we are now clued up on this mysterious man! On Wednesday, we had a very talented man come in from Condensed Histories who put on a real show for us – magic included! It was fascinating to learn about Shakespeare – if you ask us very nicely we may tell you a secret about Shakespeare’s house which can still  be visited to this day…

We particularly enjoyed learning about the very sad tale of Romeo and Juliet. This wasn’t the only play we looked at by Shakespeare though! We looked at Macbeth and in particular the 3 witches casting spells and generally causing trouble for poor old Macbeth!

Below is our animoto showcasing pictures from the fantastic show.


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